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I Stood Tiptoe, Reaching Up For Heaven

from 2019 - Running Out of Time Doing Nothing (LP) by The Meads of Asphodel



We see the world in a grain of dust
By making bombs in the local mosque
Dogs with rabies, thick as shit
Looking out for throats to slit
Thugs & scum & simpletons
Tools of god’s persuasion
Stoned to death for adultery
For queers & gays castration
If I was God I’d fuck you all
I’d blow your brains out across the wall
I’d drag you down upon your knees
& make you eat the God disease

Murdered men from beams are hung
& kids besides their mothers flung
This is holy genocide
Blessed by God & glorified

Roll up! Roll Up! It’s the greatest show in the universe
Be amazed by spine chilling sexual abuse
Be spell-bound by gastrointestinal death

Dread infests the lonely hours
Wash yourself in acid showers
The folly of life is on repeat
& human life is just raw meat
Bones to grind in war machines
Body parts in quarantine
Oozing stew of persecution
A perfect human constitution
Tears of brine & woe combine
To make our eyes go fucking blind
We see the cross of idols lost
& those who kneel will count the cost

Join the cult of fucking death
Killing high on crystal meth
God is good & God is great
God was born to decimate
Fucking corpses in the morgue
Open casket necro whores
Spit roast shemales one by one
Bukakke faces covered in cum

We hate you, you hate me
They hate us, we hate them
We are wankers, we’re obsessed
Hate is what we do best

Hating races, different faces
Chinks & paki’s, wogs & kikes
Hate the wops, the frogs & krouts
Hate is what were all about
What a fucking twisted species
Full of germs & strange diseases
A cancer of the universe
Thiers’s nothing nowhere more perverse


from 2019 - Running Out of Time Doing Nothing (LP), released June 21, 2019
Lyrics written by Metatron
Music written by J.D. Tait


all rights reserved



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